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Satisfaction Guarantee

We market & sell your property for the best terms & highest price possible to ensure that you walk away with as much cash as possible at closing.

Dream Vision Realty Performance Guarantee for Homeowners!
In today's real estate market, many agents are tempted to lock sellers up into long-term listing contracts & regardless of how well they perform, the seller becomes stuck. This is not so with Dream Vision Realty!

As a real estate Broker, I offer an Easy Exit Guarantee for the performance of my real estate services. If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with the service you are receiving, you may immediately cancel your listing agreement with me by written notice at any time.

My "Easy Exit Guarantee" will put you at ease, because if at any time you don't feel like I am doing the things that I said I would do, you can cancel immediately! Of course, I wouldn't make such a guarantee unless I was certain that you will be absolutely satisfied with my performance. "Excellent Service Is My Commitment"

Free Home - Seller - Listiing Presentation

Request a Free Home Seller Presentation that will be conducted at your home on how I can help you Market and Sell your Home.

A "Listing Presentation" is a presentation that a Realtor makes to prospective home sellers, to earn their trust and business. Don't list your home with a real estate agent without it! I would love the opportunity to make such a presentation to you.

Together we will walk through your home and go over every detail, along with considering the positives and negatives. You will then understand exactly how I would market and sell your home, for as much as the market will bear, and within your time frame. I will explain to you where I will advertise your home, both in print and on the web. With so many homebuyer usage of the web, you MUST have your home market online to get maximum exposure.

And you'll find out what your home is worth, because part of my presentation will include a Free CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) of your home. I'll compare your home to others that have recently sold, and also to others that are currently for sale. This is a very important way of determining the fair market value of your home.

Request a FREE Home Seller-home presentation of how I would market your property. There's no obligation, and I'll get back to you quickly.

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Free CMA: Emailed or Mailed To Your Residence.
(Free CMA's are currently only available for property owners of Los Angeles County residents)

Are you curious what your home is currently worth? Just give us a call or email us and we will provide you with a free Current Market Analysis by email or by mail.

Just click on the contact link at the upper left corner and submit your contact information. Even if you're not thinking of selling your house, knowing your home's current value is useful when considering other financial planning.

What exactly is a CMA?

The correct selling price of a home is the highest price the market will bear. To assist you in determining the correct asking price, we will provide you with a comprehensive market analysis of comparable properties that have been recently offered for sale in your neighborhood.

This analysis is based strictly on homes that can be considered similar to yours, and will be specially prepared for you. The comprehensive property analysis is divided into four categories:

  1. Similar properties that are currently listed
  2. Similar properties that have recently sold
  3. Similar properties that have sales pending
  4. Similar properties that failed to sell

By carefully studying the comparable property locations, features, and the terms under which they are offered, we can develop a clear picture of the potential market for your property.

By looking at the properties currently listed, we can determine exactly what alternatives a serious buyer has to choose from. We can be certain that we are not under-pricing the property.

By looking at similar properties recently sold, you can see what homeowners have actually received over the last few months. This information is used by lending institutions to determine how much they will be willing to lend a buyer for your home.

While we naturally want top market value for the home, we can agree that there's a point where the price would be too high. By looking at homes that didn't sell, we can accurately determine that price point and be careful not to get too close to it. By doing our homework diligently, we can get maximum dollars in a reasonably short period of time.

It is important to remember that VALUE is determined by the market (the Buyers). It is your Realtors job to interpret what the market is doing at a specific point in time. Neither the Realtor, nor the Seller determine the value. Value can be adjusted however because of condition, terms, and accessibility, all of which are controlled by the Seller.Pricing is a strategy and is determined by the Seller with input from your Realtor.

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Property Preparation

The Best Way to Prepare Your Home for Resale

  • The first and most important thing you want to do in preparing your house for market is to make sure it has good curb appeal. Curb appeal is simply the first impression a prospective buyer gets when driving by the house.
  • It has been said that up to 80% of the decision to buy a house is made before even entering the home.
  • It doesn't matter how great your house looks inside. You could have the greatest floor plan, and the greatest decor, but if your house is unsightly from the sidewalk a lot of people will make judge the book by its cover and pass on even looking inside the house.
  • So by all means start on the outside of the house. A lot of generating curb appeal is common sense. Keep the lawn mowed and watered, trim the shrubs, make sure there isn't any peeling paint and keep weeds out of the flower beds.
  • If the time of year allows it is best to put some color in the landscaping. Plant some flowers and put down fresh bark dust in the flowerbeds and around the shrubbery next to the house.
  • Make sure there aren't any unsightly vehicles in the driveway. If you have an older car that is unsightly park it down the road or at a friend's house. Keep the yard clean and pristine.
  • When you can look at the outside of your house from the street and it looks better than it ever has it is time to move to the inside of the house.
  • Inside your house you want to make things look as open and bright as possible. Keep the all the blinds and curtains open during the day to show off the house. If a room feels cluttered you may want to move some of your extra furniture into the basement, a storage space or a friend's house.
  • Keep the inside of your house smelling good. Any senses you can stimulate when someone enters your house will help to create emotional attachment to the home. Don't overdo the aroma therapy, but make the house smell pleasant and looks comfortable and livable. People want the house to feel like home.
  • Keep everything as clean as you can. Some people can not look past uncleanliness. You have no idea what will turn off or attract the next person that comes in your house. You want your house to look, feel and smell its best.
  • To increase the value of your house one of the most cost effective things you can do is re-paint the interior and exterior of the house if they need it. Make sure you use light, bright colors inside the home. You may like wild bright colors, or you may like darker colors, but you want to appeal to the largest group of people. So sticking with neutral colors will be your best bet.
  • Everyone has their favorite way to decorate, but you have no idea of the preference of the person that will be buying your house. If your stick with off-white and beige colors indoors the rooms will look bigger, and brighter.
  • It will also make it easier to paint the house whatever color the new owners want when they move in. It takes fewer coats of paint to cover up light colors than it does for darker colors.
  • You may also want to replace some of the light fixtures. If you have outdated fixtures you can get really inexpensive fixtures at places like Home Depot that will put more of a shine on your house.
  • You can pick up a couple of ceiling fans or a Chandelier for the dining room that will add a touch of class to your house that may help to move it more quickly.
  • Putting a few dollars into a new outdoor fixture, mailbox and house numbers can make the house look more appealing. You may also want to consider updating some of the fixtures in the bathroom and adding a new faucet to the sink in the kitchen.
  • Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom. If you are planning on doing any remodeling before selling your house, the kitchen and the bathroom are the best places to put your money. A new sink and toilet will make the bathroom feel like new and can add to the overall value of the house. These are updates that are easy enough for most homeowners to do themselves without costing a fortune and they will more than double the return on your investment in most cases.
  • Remember that people make emotional decisions. As much as we like to think we make logical decisions, the truth is are highly emotional decision makers.
  • People have to visualize themselves living in the house. If you keep in mind open, warm and bright for the interior of your house, along with having great curb appeal, you will on the right path to correctly preparing your house for the market.

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Agency Agreement

Whenever a home seller enter into a discussion with a real estate agent regarding a real estate transaction, the seller should from the outset understand what type of agency relationship or representation the seller wish to have with the agent in the transaction.

As of January 1, 1988, for every residential property transaction of one to four units, the law requires that an agent supply a written document, called Agency Disclosure, explaining the nature of agency to a seller before listing a property, or to a buyer before writing an offer.

Review the Agency Disclosure agreement by clicking here.

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Seller's Advisory

As stated in the California Association of Realtors seller's Advisory form, selling property in California is a process that involves many steps. From start to finish, it could take anywhere from a few weeks to many months, depending upon the condition of your property, local market conditions and other factors.

That's where we step in as your Realtor to help you sort out that information. I recommend seller's price their property correctly in the beginning, so when offers come in you have three choices, you can reject the offer, counter the offer or accept the offer.

This advisory addresses many things you may need to think about and do as you market your property. Some of these things are requirements imposed upon you, either by law or by the listing or sale contract. Others are simply practical matters that may arise during the process.

Click here and read this document carefully in pdf.

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